Yoga & Coronovirus update : Sept/Oct 2021

Classes will remain unchanged, regardless of Covid Restriction lifting on July 19th.

I want to make sure those amongst us who are worried about Covid, still feel safe enough to carry on attending classes.

Please wear your Face Masks as you arrive and enter the venues, but masks can be removed once you are on your Yoga Mats .

I will continue to keep smaller class numbers to maintain social distancing, hand sanitizer will still be available and I will lay out floor markers and spray down all contact surfaces with disinfectant before each session .

Classes last 70 minutes and the cost is £10 per person ,pre- booking pre- payment only.

Please Note: Payment is Non Refundable /Non Transferable ,therefore if you are not 100% sure you can attend on the day please do not book until just before you would leave for class, as spaces will be very limited and you will lose your payment if you are unable to attend.

 Booking for all classes opens 24 hours prior to class starting .

Unfortunately, Pre booking  and pre payment of all classes is now essential to enable a fair booking system for all clients and to optimise the limited spaces and to make it  financially viable

Thank you for you co-operation and patience during this very challenging time for all small businesses such as mine.

Thank you…

Stay Safe Guys  🙂 xx


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