Corporate Classes for Yoga at work.

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Employees from CATERPILLAR in Peckleton enjoying a Yoga session in the sunshine at the end of a hard days work .

Workplace Wellness 

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Have you ever considered setting up a Yoga class or Relaxation class for your employees?

Benefits of Yoga include reduced stress levels, increased energy , greater concentration and a reduction in back  and neck problems brought on by inactivity i.e. long periods of sitting or standing. Both of which are problems regularly resulting in sickness absence .

Equipment is provided and classes can be tailored to suit all fitness levels.

Testimonials from some of my Yoga clients ;

 I look forward to yoga class after work , it is really convenient and the benefits are that I feel relaxed afterwards and any back pain from sitting at my desk has disappeared. I am now much more flexible and noticeably the joint pains I used to suffer from have eased considerably.


 With the class being onsite at work I have no excuse not to do some exercise! After class I feel more flexible and relaxed. I would definitely recommend her classes.

I love going to yoga after work as it’s convenient as it’s at our work place and after our class all my stress has gone and I go home nice and relaxed and ready for the evening ahead.
Having a yoga class at the end of the working day is great because once you get home it is harder to motivate yourself to go out to an evening class and I wouldn’t want to have an exercise class soon after an evening meal!
I have found the yoga class at the end of the working day very beneficial. Adele is an excellent teacher, very aware of the fact that we all have different abilities. Her classes always include a gentle warm-up, a wide range of postures of varying difficulty and a wonderful relaxation session at the end of the class. She is happy to offer individual advice for any specific needs. I would recommend anyone to attend one of her classes.
I enjoy Adele’s clear teaching methods and the fact that she gives ‘alternatives’ should any exercise appear a little difficult.  A great way to unwind and clear the mind at the end of the day.
Yoga at work.
 1 hour class £65
A Yoga class that addresses the areas most affected by a typical day  at work , ie sitting for long periods, using computers, dealing with stress etc.
Designed to improve all round strength, balance & flexibility and increase energy levels whilst allowing you to switch off from the days work and stresses.
All classes can be booked in blocks of 4 weeks, so no long term commitment required .

Travel expenses of £10 per session will be added  if more than 20 mins travel time outside the Barwell area

Contact Adele for more details.


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