Class prices…”Reassuringly Expensive ” :-)

Due to changes that have had to made with Covid 19 , I am having to increase my Group class prices for the first time in nearly 5 years . 

I now only offer one payment option ,which is  £10 per class ,pre booking only.

Classes now last 75 mins not 60  mins.


The price increase is due to all the additional expenses that I have to include with the new regulations that have been bought in including an increase in room rents due to extra time needed for set up , having to use booking systems and payment collection sites etc .


Yes …you probably could find a much cheaper class around here …it is becoming increasingly easy to get a Yoga Teacher certification these days and it can even be done 'Online ' in a few weekends,  so there are a lot of Yoga Teachers about these days .

However ..I firmly believe that it is not something that can be learnt in a few weekends , or even months and it cannot be safely taught by someone with little experience of doing Yoga themselves  . 

I have nearly 30 years experience as a Fitness instructor and 23 Years Yoga experience and I am still learning all the time and updating my skills to keep in line with the advancements in the Fitness industry .

Over the years I have spent 10's of  £1000's on training and updating my skills and will continue to do this as long as I teach . 

I bring all my experience and knowledge from having taught literally 1000's of people over the years and I use this to make my classes effective and most importantly safe for everyone who attends . 


I hope you can understand my reasoning for this increase,  I am actually still cheaper than a lot of other Yoga classes in the Midlands area that are ran by experienced Instructors and shall continue to deliver a high quality service and value for money .


Thank you for your understanding .







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