Class prices…”Reassuringly Expensive ” :-)

Due to changes that have had to made with Covid 19 , I am having to increase my Group class prices for the first time in nearly 5 years . 

I now only offer one payment option ,which is  £10 per class ,pre booking only.

Classes now last 70minutes.

The price increase is due to all the additional expenses that I have to include with the new regulations that have been bought in including an increase in room rents due to extra time needed for set up ,having to use booking systems and payment collection sites etc .

You probably could find a much cheaper class around here …it is becoming increasingly easy to get a Yoga Teacher certification and it can even be done ‘Online ‘ in a few weekends.

However ..I firmly believe that it is not something that can be learnt in a few weekends and it cannot be safely taught to others by someone with such little experience.  

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