About Adele

My background:

At age 19 I took my RSA/YMCA Exercise to Music Teachers Certificate which ,at the time was a year long college course and  after qualifying I then began teaching Fitness classes all around the Midlands area.

Shortly after I was offered a job as a ‘Fitness Assistant ‘ at Hereward College in Coventry where I worked alongside the Physiotherapists and  Head Fitness Trainer teaching students with physical disabilities .

It was a steep learning curve for me as an Instructor but one that was incredibly rewarding.

Instead of working with people concerned with losing their ‘spare tyre or wobbly bits’ I was actually making a difference to people who couldn’t even walk,  stand up or lift their arms properly .

I decided this was what Health and Fitness should be about …not making us ‘look‘ a certain way , but about getting the very best out of our bodies by keeping us mobile, strong, balanced , moving , and fully functioning for life .

In 1997 I moved to Phoenix Arizona and worked part time as a Gym Instructor for a while , but became increasingly frustrated with the fitness industry’s obsession with vanity and image .

Here I met 2 amazing Yoga teachers, one who was classic Iyengar trained  and the other was Ashtanga trained and I began studying with them and quickly fell in love with Yoga, the way it made you feel  great in your own skin. It just made you feel good.

I moved back to the UK in 2000 and completed my British School of Yoga Teachers Diploma and began teaching classes whilst working part time as a Veterinary  Nurse.

I qualified in several other Yoga & Fitness Qualifications during this time, including Budokon Yoga Teacher training , Freestyle Fitness Yoga , Kettlebells , Bootcamp and as classes got busier, I took the plunge , left the Vets and set up my business ‘Fitness and Yoga with Adele‘.

I then became aware of a incredible Fitness Educator & Coach called Dax Moy and I went on to learn more about the body and its ‘Systems’ and how they all interlink and affect one another .  I then added Corrective Exercise/ Kinetic Chain Assessment Specialist / Body & Mind Mapping amongst other skills to my now growing obsession with ‘How the Body works‘ and how we can make it work better.

I believe I have created a completely unique form of ‘Yoga/Fitness experience.

In my classes we work on all the elements of a properly functioning – healthy body, including mobility , balance , strength, stability , flexibility, bone density , co-ordination, pelvic floor health , sensory systems  and much more .

 I truly believe the better our body works , the better we will feel  and therefore look .

My classes are open to all abilities as I always offer numerous teaching points to every pose and offer easy and harder options so you can work at your pace.

I can adapt any pose to safely suit any ability and try to teach in a way that you learn to do the poses yourself , without always having to rely on a teacher for adjustment and guidance . This way you can create your own Yoga practice and adapt it to your bodies own needs.

I would love you to come and join me and see how good you can start to feel in your own body .

Have a great day !

Adele James

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